How to Stop Dogs From Barking

Dog Barking at Door

When we started volunteering at the local animal shelter, we noticed that some dogs were constantly barking while others seemed quietly content with their surrounding.  It comes as no surprise that the barking dogs were stressed out, but why?  And how do we go about to stop dogs from barking?

how to stop dogs from barking

Why is your dog constantly barking?

Constant dog barking can be very annoying and frustrating not just for you, but obviously for the dog as well.  So why do some dogs constantly bark when you’re not home?  If you live in an apartment building, it won’t be long before angry neighbors let you know how they feel about your dog!

So what’s going on with your dog?  Even though dog barking when you’re not home is a common issue, it’s not something you should ignore.  The good thing is that type of barking is easy to fix. When you understand why your dog is barking, the solution to stopping it becomes quite simple.  Remember that a content, relaxed dog does not need to bark!

Pack animals

Dogs are pack animals.  Within the pack, there are leaders and there are followers.  One of the pack leader’s job is to protect the pack.  When you leave the house and the dog is left all alone, they become stressed.  If they see themselves as the pack leader, they start barking because they are concerned about you.  Get it?  They are doing their job of protecting the pack!

Just like a parent would freak out if they suddenly realized their child is missing or out of sight, a dog will start barking once they realize their pack is missing.  And they will do anything to see the pack again, to make sure they are ok.  And the stress behavior doesn’t just stop at barking.  Some dogs will start chewing the furniture and destroy things around the house, digging up the yard, etc.

How to stop dogs from barking?

So how do you stop dogs from barking?  The solution is quite simple.  You need to become the pack leader.  Once you do this correctly, your dog will not see it as their job to protect you.  Your dog will not get stressed when you leave the house, and therefore, they will not bark.  Avoid shouting at the dog when they are parking, otherwise that might cause them to be more stressed and bark even more.  You need to be calm and firm with your commands.  Teaching a dog not to bark excessively takes can take a lot of time and patience.

When we discovered Doggy Dan’s website, we learned very quickly how to become pack leaders.  It’s really not that difficult, you just need to know the proper tools to accomplish this.  If you haven’t read our review of the program, click here to read the complete Doggy Dan Dog Training review.

Check out this Youtube video of a woman who was able to stop her dog from barking using the Doggy Dan method:

Helpful tips

Besides becoming the pack leader, here are some additional tips to try to help stop dog from barking:

  1. Take your dog out for a walk and exercise it before you leave.  A tired dog is likely to be more calm.
  2. Always make sure the dog is properly fed and has plenty of water.
  3. Consider leaving the TV or radio on.  Sometimes these types of distractions can calm the dog.
  4. Try keeping the dog in another room where they might feel calmer.  Experiment with different rooms.

Hopefully you find these tips helpful.  The most important thing to note here is to be calm around your dog, and be patient.  Once you figure out how to become the pack leader, then you’re on your way to learning how to stop your dog from parking when you’re not home.