Alpha Dog Pack Leader

Dogs are pack animals, and they operate on a social structure of rank – a hierarchy if you like. Whether you have just adopted a new puppy or an adult dog, dogs are naturals at learning manners and new commands. This can only happen though if they understand and follow…

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Puppy Training 101

Everyone is always asking about proper puppy training methods.  People want to raise the perfect dog.  At the animal shelter we see lots of puppies that have been either abandoned or dropped off at the shelter.  We feel responsible to train these puppies during their stay at the shelter, hoping…

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Dog Barking at Door

When we started volunteering at the local animal shelter, we noticed that some dogs were constantly barking while others seemed quietly content with their surrounding.  It comes as no surprise that the barking dogs were stressed out, but why?  And how do we go about to stop dogs from barking?…

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