Doggy Dan Dog Training Review

Thank you for visiting our review page for the Doggy Dan online dog training programs.  The program is ideal for anyone looking to address any dog behavioral issues, or just starting out training a puppy.  Read our review for our in-depth analysis of the program.

Doggy Dan and Moses

Quick Intro

My family grew up with a Rottweiler for almost a decade; Homeboy was our first dog in the house and he brought us so much joy that all of us were utterly heartbroken when he passed away last summer. Although he’s in a better place now, I still had a hard time being without my furry friend, so instead I decided to channel my grief in helping other dogs – I volunteered at my local dog shelter. My partner and I committed to this together – therapy for me, exercise for him, doggy play-time for the shelter dogs!

Proper Dog Training

Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer

When we first volunteered, we were excited at the prospect of meeting all sorts of new furry friends: big, small, furry, shaggy, shaved. What we were not prepared for was that all of them seemed to be in need of some basic dog training and almost all of them had some sort of behavioral issue. Although I had experience in handling Homeboy (120 lbs of sheer muscle!) I was not prepared for the variety of different issues we saw in the shelter dogs. So we decided to do a bit of research to better prepare ourselves for our volunteering. In comes Doggy Dan – one of the most effective ways of training your dog out there today.  If you haven’t done so already, check out Online Dog Trainer website first, then come back for the review.

Ok, so who is Doggy Dan Anyway?

Doggy Dan Profile

Daniel Abdelnoor, otherwise known as Doggy Dan, is a full-time professional dog trainer.  In fact, he is considered one of the leading dog obedience training experts and behaviorists in the world.  He’s also a highly acclaimed author, media personality and an avid animal rights activist.  Doggy Dan has a passion for training dogs and has dedicated his entire life to it.  Dan has spent years studying dog behavior and has undertaken basic and advanced Canine Behavior and Psychology education, as well as courses on Advanced Aggression.

Gentle method and techniques

The first – and most important point – I’d like to make about Doggy Dan’s training techniques is that it is gentle and compassionate. In fact, his training is endorsed by the New Zealand SPCA – Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals. In fact the SPCA themselves promote this dog training program at all their rescue shelters because they know that new rescue dog owners who follow Doggy Dan’s training, are far less likely to return the dog. Doggy Dan does not employ fear tactics, aggressive (shouting) techniques, or painful “pet tools” like choke or shock collars, and muzzles.

Doggy Dan’s Dog Training Philosophy

Doggy Dan uses the Five Golden Rules of dog training to get you on the right path to properly training a dog. These training techniques can be applied to any dog, at any age. Don’t believe the myths that it is too late to train a dog, or that certain techniques are more effective for certain breeds – this stuff works. We know because we took our learnings to our volunteering at the local dog shelter.


Here are some behavioral issues we personally were able to apply with Doggy Dan’s training:

  1. Leash biting and pulling
  2. Aggressive behavior to other dogs or people
  3. Barking (at other dogs or people, or objects)
  4. Jumping on people
  5. Digging up the park

Granted, we’re not with the shelter dogs 24/7, but the dog training techniques we learned from the website helped us to immediately calm the dogs, making our walks less stressful and more enjoyable for us and the dog!

We spent more time on Doggy Dan’s community site and found even more tools to help us become better dog walkers. One of the core benefits of having unlimited access to Doggy Dan’s site is the amount of training videos he has demonstrating how to train and correct 34 (and more) very common dog behaviors. The website has over 250 videos covering everything from becoming the pack leader to training a new puppy.  Now, you can easily Google or YouTube a dog training video, but Doggy Dans’ videos are actual consultations with real dog owners facing dog behavioral issues, so you know it’s not a video of an already well-trained dog!

Doggy Dan’s Five Golden Rules

The program is structured around Dan’s Five Golden Rules of dog training.  Dan says that these golden rules form the foundation of the training.  They are the secret sauce behind the principles of controlling dog behavior.  The 5 golden rules teach you how to become the pack leader.  They are very easy to put into practice.  The best part, again, is that there is no shouting, fear or aggression used at all in this program.

Puppy Training

Another benefit of the member site is access to Project Moses. A complete section on puppy training.  This in itself is worth the membership!

Project Moses

Project Moses tracks Doggy Dan’s adoption of a new 8 week old puppy – and lets you see how little Moses grows and learns, to the age of 8 months.  GOLD for new puppy parents! The video topics covered include:

  1. How to effectively introduce the puppy to the rest of the family (other dogs, the not-so- amused cat, the kids)
  2. What to do when the puppy cries at night
  3. How to leave the puppy alone for the first time (without having them or YOU freak out!)
  4. And even watch as they take their first car ride for a mini vacation!


Dogs and Babies

Another topic that I found incredibly useful and have shared with my mama friends is training the dog around newborn babies or young children. There’s a whole section on SAFETY and families – something not touched upon in many dog training programs.

Over 250 Training Videos

The website uses a training based on online-based videos that tackle pretty much every dog behavioral issue you might encounter:

  • Dog Aggression
  • People Aggression
  • Aggression Towards Animals
  • Aggression Towards Objects
  • Barking On The Walk
  • Barking For Attention
  • Barking Around The Property
  • Barking In The Car
  • Barking When Left
  • Barking At The Door
  • Dogs Running Away
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Hyperactivity
  • Jumping Up
  • Jumping on Furniture
  • Pulling On The Leash
  • Not Coming When Called
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Obsessions

Here’s a graphical representation of the areas covered by the online dog training videos:

Online Dog Training Areas

Tour of the Online Dog Trainer Program

We found the website to be fairly easy to navigate with a simple and user-friendly interface.  Watch as Dan walks you through the website as this short informative video:

Membership Package

You are essentially paying to get access to the 250+ videos addressing the various issues related to dog training and behavioral issues.  The videos are broken down into 6 sections as follows:

  1. How to Become the Pack Leader.  This section includes 22 videos and is where Dan covers his 5 Golden Rules in detail.
  2. Everyday Tools & Techniques.  In 18 videos, Dan shows you his own tools that he uses in dog training including the Short Line, the Energy Meter, the Stick Trick, the Long Line, the Calm Freeze, etc.
  3. Puppy Training.  One of our favorite section!  In 31 videos, this section teaches you about caring for a puppy, how to get start training it, behavioral issues and command training.
  4. Project Moses Video Diary.  Project Moses is a video diary of an 8 week old puppy through to 1 year.  This section alone has 68 videos!
  5. Dog Problems.  Using 56 videos, Dan covers the full range of dog behavioral issues.
  6. Dog Training.  Finally, Dan takes you through some advanced dog training techniques covered in 41 videos.

How Much Does all this Cost?

Dan offers an introductory membership package for just $1. That’s right – for $1, you have 3 days to access the entire site and see for yourself what I’m talking about. I’d encourage every pet parent who is contemplating on bringing home a new family member to check out the site to better prepare themselves and the rest of the family. Doggy Dan is so confident you’ll learn something that he offers a 60 day full-money back guarantee – there’s really nothing to lose (your sanity and the sanctity of your home is so worth it!).

After the 3-day trial, membership costs $37 per month.  If you sign up for 6 months, you only pay $12.50 per month.  That’s a saving of 66% off the regular monthly price.  And you can cancel anytime.  No contracts and no hidden fees.

For more information on the membership, check out the Online Dog Trainer website.

Bonus #1 – Forum Access

To make it a true community of pet parents, access to Doggy Dan’s forum allows you to ask very specific questions to Doggy Dan’s team of experts. Here, pet owners can share their success stories, connect with Doggy Dan HIMSELF or inquire further on tips and tricks, or have a general ‘doggy dialogue’ about your furry friend.

Bonus #2 – Weekly Video Updates

Dan is always filming his live consultations and each week those videos are uploaded to the websites to help reinforce the material that is already on there.  As volunteers this proved to be very helpful to us.  Since we are exposed to various breeds of dogs at the shelter, seeing live training sessions with different breeds of dogs taught us more about the dogs we were caring for.

Bonus #3 – Download Library

Members have access to a download library of material that they can keep on their devices to watch or listen to at any time.  Included in this section is an extensive audio library for people who like to listen to in-depth explanations of the dog issues while doing other things, great for listening while on the go or commuting.

Free Video Course

Another thing I really like about Doggy Dan is that they also have a free dog obedience video course.  If you’re not sure about signing up to the membership, you can give this a shot first.  You’ll receive 5 free videos that will give you a taste of Doggy Dan’s powerful methods including why most dog training methods fail, how to get your dog to CHOOSE to follow you and the 5 rules that will change how you train your dog.  Click here to access the free video course.

Final Thoughts

I think back to the money (and time!) my family invested when we first got Homeboy – doggy daycare & training school, your time ‘experimenting’ with different dog training techniques…it all adds up.

Doggy Dan’s dog training solutions are not, by all means, the ONLY effective way of training your dog, but it certainly beats having to search countless sites (and wondering if they’re reputable), reading e-books or searching in dog forums to find an optimal solution. You have it all in one spot to cultivate a long-lasting and loving relationship with your dog.  If you are looking for an effective dog training or puppy training program that is compassionate and gentle for your dog then give Doggy Dan a shot.  You get full access to the site, even with the 3-day trial.  And you can cancel your membership anytime by sending an email to